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“Hi, I’m Louise Smith owner of Astwood Upholstery. I formed the company in 2007 to fulfill a lifelong ambition which was to open a workshop in order to create beautiful furniture. Upholstery is my passion and this traditional craft lets me express my individuality whilst restoring the authenticity of the furniture.”

This article was back in 2010 and we have since grown out of that pretty garden workshop, twice!  My main workshop is still attached to my beautiful home, so come and visit us at Astwood Upholstery on The Ridgeway and see what we can do for you.

Worcestershire Life Artical –

February 2010

Business has been busy from day one for Louise Smith of Astwood Upholstery. The 31-year-old former PA took the opportunity to turn a hobby and passion into a career after she was made redundant in 2007. “I went on an intensive training course and realised I had a flair for upholstery. I enjoy taking an old piece of furniture and bringing it back to life. You can still use old pieces of furniture and by putting on new fabrics or even changing the colour of the wood, they can make a room. It’s more of a man’s world and there aren’t many women upholsterers because it is dirty and hard work but I love it and the end results are absolutely fantastic.” From the pretty workshop at the end of her garden in Astwood Bank, Louise works on a range of domestic and commercial projects and relies on a support network of other crafts people based locally.

It’s been a real help living in a small community where you are known by people. There is a joiner just down the road, who is great and very experienced. I love the fact if I have a problem I can walk down the road to him with a piece of furniture under my arm and we will find the answer together. I don’t do French polishing but know people who do that in the area, and also have contacts at the charity shops and an interior designer and some fabric people I work with, so it is all independent traders helping each other out.”

We hold a large amount of Upholstery Fabrics from companies such as Warwick and Linwood.